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to the top...

2010-10-11 16:37:58 by Zaillist

second round of my nub year at the IADT. getting much better at the skill of ink and lead..

back from a long trip

2010-06-30 20:09:02 by Zaillist

bein on a trip of sorts for the last 2 years, going to school soon as i start to jump back into my life. took me being in some icy void to find out what i wanted to do with life and i got a renewed zeal to seek it out. damn its nice to be back.


2010-03-17 11:15:05 by Zaillist

hahahah i love newgrounds! never really had a reson to join it tho till only just now, the bloody damn sec i get a new comp for myself ill start entering things